Black Twist

Uninspired by overly-sweetened, big brand coffee liqueurs - Conor Coughlan decided to take a bold new approach to combining coffee and spirits. In 2017, he launched Black Twist Hard Coffee - Ireland's first cold brewed coffee spirit. The vision? To bring the best of speciality coffee and Irish whiskey together, without the high sugar content of a liqueur. 

Black Twist uses only 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality. Speciality grade, single origin coffee from Kenya is roasted, ground and cold brewed in Irish whiskey for 7 days. The result of this cold brew process is an award-winning craft spirit with less sweetness and more character. This is coffee for the whiskey drinker. This is hard coffee.

Black Twist is best enjoyed neat or in a range of new coffee cocktails. Come to this year's fair to try them out!