Tickets are available to purchase here.
There are a range of different online ticket options available as follows. Additional booking fees apply to online tickets.

Single Online Tickets:
  • Thursday €15
  • Friday €17.50
  • Saturday €22.50

Multiple Day Online Tickets:
  • 2-day Ticket: Thursday and Friday €27.50
  • 3-day Ticket: Thursday, Friday and Saturday €45.50

Group Tickets (only available online)
  • 10+ people Thursday €12.50
  • 10+ people Friday €15
  • 10+ people Saturday €19.50
Our ticket prices are based on special offers for the day of the week eg. Thursday or reflect the opening hours of a particular day. Saturday’s price reflects the longer opening hours on that day as the event is open from 12.30-11pm!
Access + EcoCup + 6 tokens (= 1 pint).
An average beer or cider will be 3 tokens for half-pint and 6 tokens for a full pint. Stronger brews may have a slightly increased token price. Drinks with spirits will vary depending on the drink in question and strength but they generally start from 7 tokens upwards. Please drink responsibly.
There is a group rate available online for 10+ people as detailed above. Should your group significantly exceed this number, please contact us on and we can help you with the booking. Did you know that you can also purchase tokens in advance for your group? Just add them at time of booking and collect them on the day.
Similar to other tokened events, any beer or food tokens purchased at the event should be used over the three days and are non-refundable.
Yes, special dietary needs are accommodated on a number of the food and drinks stands, for example:

  • Gluten Free - most ciders at this year’s fair are gluten free and there are a number of gluten-free beer options available also. Please ask each exhibitor before sampling. A gluten-free sticker will be visible on stands with gluten-free options.
  • Vegetarian - some stands will have vegetarian options available. Menu boards will be visible above all stands and we have asked all exhibitors to indicate vegetarian and other options.
  • Non-alcoholic - Soft drinks will be available from food stands. Water coolers are positioned around the room for our patrons. Tea and Alltech Café Citadelle will also be available. Some stands may be able to provide non-alcoholic cocktail options, TBC at the event.
No, all alcoholic beverages and food purchased at the event are only for consumption onsite. No bottles or cans can be purchased onsite for consumption at a later date.
Yes, Ecocups can be rinsed at wash stations which are located approximate in each corner of the room.
Yes, all attendees who consume alcohol must be over 18 years of age. IDs can be checked in 4 places: 1) when purchasing entry, 2) when getting banded, 3) spot checked by CCD, 4) when being served.
The Convention Centre has an underground car park available to patrons who will not be consuming alcohol at the event. All attendees are urged to never drink and drive and to use public transport or taxis.
We love to have as many and varied exhibitors as possible. However, as of January 2019 places are very limited. If you wish to exhibit then lease email as soon as you can.
You can purchase food and drink tokens online in advance when you are buying your tickets, at token desks or from our mobile token sales team during the event. Cash and credit card are accepted.
This year’s opening hours are:
Thursday: 5pm – 11pm
Friday: 5pm – 11pm
Saturday: 12.30pm – 11pm.
Yes. Trade tickets are available for Thursday only but must be registered for in advance. They are the same as other tickets except that they provide entry from 4pm onwards (the event opens to the public at 5pm). To be eligible you must be working in the beverage industry. Contact for more info.
Due to the set up on the ticketing platform, your token order will show in your email confirmation, but not on your ticket. We will have a list at the event of all those who have purchased tokens in advance. You’ll then be able to collect your pre-ordered tokens onsite in The Convention Centre Dublin at a designated token collection point after you use your ticket to check-in to the event.
Absolutely, our exhibitors will have gin, vodka, rum, whiskey, mead, wine, prosecco and various cocktails. If you’re the designated driver or you simply don’t fancy drinking, there’ll be coffee, tea, water and soft drinks available.
Sponsors are a very important part of our event and we encourage anyone involved, or who wants to be involved, in the craft brewing and distilling industry to get in touch with us. Please email
Our event promotes drinking responsibly and being responsible around alcohol. Therefore we do not encourage children at the event. It is also a very loud and crowded atmosphere. However, should parents decide that they will bring their child for a few hours or a teenager, accompanied by their parents, wishes to see the festival, then they are welcome to enter. Children are their parents responsibility and to be under their supervision at all times. The event cannot accept any responsibility. An under 18 wristband will be provided and under no circumstances will alcohol be served to those under 18.