Cult Drinks

Cult Drinks are a Dublin-based company, specialising in brand innovation. The creation of exciting and unforgettable experiences for our consumers is our priority. Our team are passionate, young, creative and dynamic.

With this in mind, we thoroughly enjoy exploring the fast-changing changing drinks climate of our modern globalised world. We integrate market research, creativity, design, marketing and emersion in the market to ensure that our brands are successful. Our consumers need brands that are fresh, trendy and exciting. We enjoy being at the forefront of that market.

What is a Cult Drinks brand? The Brand is ‘The Experience’. This encapsulates: the consumer's anticipation; confidence in the product; and the feel and sound of the name when spoken. We believe that consumers must buy into the ‘me-now-hereness’ of it. Details such as the glassware, the colour of the liquid, the ice, the garnish and the accessories need to be refined. Our brands are known for not only the taste, but the thrill and the satisfaction!

Cult Drinks has market insight that involves driving business decisions, strategy and targeting. Our product development is informed; our sales and marketing efforts are tailored; our returns maximised; and as a result, value is added to our customers. Cult Drinks grows brands with a strong place nationally and internationally. Along with brands created and developed by the Cult Drinks team, we have a growing portfolio of exclusive agency products, each offering something that bit different. This means we stock a wide drinks portfolio suited to the varied range of modern consumer taste.