Wicklow Brewery

Founded in 2014, The Wicklow Brewery hopes to establish itself as the leading micro-distillery of craft beer in Ireland.

A family-business born from a working farm into a holiday park, has evolved over the years to include Mickey Finn’s pub and now the brewery. Having a basis in hospitality and tourism in the family-run business complimented the expansion into offering brewery tours and tastings to visitors.

Premium quality is of utmost importance, and their state of the art facility features a Braukon brew-house. It was a priority for the micro-brewery to be responsible for all aspects of the brewing process, with everything made on-site in the Redcross facility. Currently employing three full-time locals, there are plans for expansion in 2019 to increase employee numbers and production volume. Sustainability is important to the brewery, with spent grain collected by a local fairy farmer, and sourcing Irish malt barley for their brews.